[ ... Share Screen, book, 2020. Share Screen is the graduation catalogue of my former graphic design department, designed and authored together with Franziska Froebe. With this publication, we aimed to show the circumstances that this years' graduates faced. Spending most of their graduation semester at home because of a lockdown, their work life and private life became increasingly mixed up, and the main mode of connection with professors and fellow students was videocall after videocall. In a long photoseries we capture both the mixture of the private and the academic, as well as the unsettling connection between students and professors via videocalls, which we found very apparent in the sight of a deserted webcam: showing merely an empty personal space wherejust a second before a serious professional conversation took place. We chose to document the graduation works through the webcam as well, to so present them to the public as we had been looking at each other’s work for most of the months as well: via the sharing of screens.- My part in this project consisted of concept development; developing the subjects of the photographs we wished to get from our classmates; the selection, layout and editing of the photo’s; and coverdesign. ]

[ ... Domesticated, sculptures, 2018. An exploration of the mountain as part of our visual culture. ]

[ ... Shorts, book, 2018. The American journalist and writer Graham Meyer wrote four short pieces on shorthand, private language, and artificial language. I was struck by the beauty of both the written pieces and the phenomenon of shorthand itself. I decided to take the role of stenographer, try to retype the text as fast as I could, and let the unavoidable mistakes coming about from this, and their corrections, determine the form of the pages. A strategy I felt had to be performed on a typewriter, being a medium doesn't have a command-Z key. ]

[ ... Computer Vision, Adjustable Eyes Pt. 2, drawings and digital etches, 2020. An exploration of what the world might look like when seen through a being with the eyes of a colorist, the rigid binary logic of an algorhytm and the ruthless determination of a machine. A world seen in merely the terms of outline and fill, and coloured in accordingly. ]

[ ... Untitled, machine/typography, 2018. Playing around with an old laser printer, I discovered that introducing an external light source to the printing process, heavily alters the prints. ]

[ ... "...and all they feared was for the sky to fall.", book/sculpture, 2019. A research into the formal structure of the objects and gestures that mandkind uses to shield itself from things falling from the sky. ]

[ ... Soms ik voel mij zombie, book, 2021. Bookdesign for soms ik voel mij zombie, a monologue written by Pelumi Adejumo. She asked me to remove all punctuation and capitals from the text, and wanted a design that breathed both visual poetry as well as did justice to the way the text was recited by the actor who did a performance of the text. I came up with a loose system of text alignement based on the invisible punctuation, and hand-aligned the entire text based on a combination of that system and the recital. For the cover, Pelumi coined the idea of an illustration of a clay sculpture. I felt that the actual sculpture would resonate even more with the formal quality of visual poetry and the way that I ‘sculpted’ the text, and spread the photo as well as the title over the back as well as the front of the book. To so give the feeling of opening joy’s (the first person character in the text) head. ]

[ ... Skulking, typeface, 2019. ]

[ ... Tracing Nowhere, drawings, 2019. ]

[ ... Hyperlinked, web-extension, 2018. A web-extension that draws a thin black line between all the hyperlinks on a webpage, while hiding all original content from sight. The links (detectable as the points where a lot of lines intersect) still function, and so the extension enables a new browsing experience, one where not the content, but the underlying structure of the internet, is what is browsed through. ]

[ ... Oa iee, system, 2018. Inspired by shorthand writing, I wanted to come up with a way to record everything going on around me, on a silkscreen. I'm a horrible fast-writer, so had to come up with something else, and thus invented a way of imprinting silkscreens with the light of a computer-monitor: removing the sheet and external lightsource from the process, and instead putting an external monitor upside-down on the silkscreen, hooking up my laptop tot the monitor, and so enabling myself to, while typing, or even recoriding a video with my webcam, directly imprinting this onto the screen. ]

[ ... Sound As A Muscle, book, 2021. A book made with- and written by, Pelumi Adejumo. ]

[ ... Letterthings, type-design/posters, 2018. Letters and posters created for a hypothetical exhibition of the work Jaap Kroneman. ]

[ ... In Parenthesis, poster, 2017. A poster designed for‑ and displayed on, an annual poster contest held by the 3second-gallery in The Hague. This years theme was ‘Hokjesdenken’: the mode of thought that labels and categorizes people into mutually exclusive groups (sometimes translated as ‘pigeonholing’). The theme had me thinking about how we treat opinions contrary of our own: In our society, every statement made seems to lead to counter-statements and relativizations, rather then consideration. Could this cause an inflation of the actual value of an opinion? In the clamour of statements and counter-statements, it seems to become more and more common to shout out: "Well, but that is only your opinion" without actually and seriously considering someone's viewpoint or relation to a topic. In such an environment of public debate, sadly, everything become relative. Up to a point where even setting yourself on fire won’t be enough to be taken seriously. ]

[ browse by title Share Screen, book/editorial, 2020. Domesticated, sculptures, 2018. Shorts, book/typography, 2018. Computer Vision, Adjustable Eyes Pt. 2, drawings and digital etches, 2020. Untitled I, system/typography, 2018. The Book of Damocles, sculpture/book, 2019. Soms ik voel mij zombie, book/typography, 2021. Skulking, typeface, 2019. Tracing Nowhere, drawings, 2019. Hyperlinked, web-extension, 2018. Oa iee, system, 2018. Sound As A Muscle, book/typography, 2021. Untitled II, posters/type-design, 2018. In Parenthesis, poster, 2017. ]

[ about Joost Vullings is a freelance graphic designer & artist based in Arnhem. I work in a variety of media; ranging from print and digital design, to sculpting and tinkering with hardware. Be welcome to get in touch for commissions, collaborations and anything else via: moc.sgnilluvtsooj@ofni / www.instagram.com/joost_.joost.
    I was educated at ArtEZ in Arnhem (BA Graphic Design), ZhdK in Zurich (BA Fine Art, Minor) and St. Joost in Breda (pre-education Art & Design), and co-founded 530type, a student type initiative, collective and playground.
    In 2020, I wrote A design without referents, an essay on the intensity and intrusiveness of visual culture, the effects this may have on the viewers/receivers of visual messages, and how agrammatical design can form an alternative, slower, and more kind information environment.
For the full pdf, please visit: A design without referents and for the full pdf with preface in Dutch, please visit: A design without referents - preface

Etches drawn with algorithmic precision. An exhibition overview. Three screens containing drawings, lined up against a wall. Hatched drawings displayed on screens. A drawing displayed on a screen, positioned next to a heater. Homely interior sceneries of graphic design students. A sculpted monologue, a concrete book. Three rocks with colourful pictures of
mountains pasted onto them.
A huge amount of thin black lines. A projector beaming light straight into a printers' cartridge,
a table full of overexposed prints.
A series of overexposed prints. A small cassette bulking with poems. A typeface leaning heavily towards the
left, as if it was rather somewhere else.
A disassembled, sculpted and reassembled book A book typed in a seemingly great hurry, full of mistakes
and the subsequent corrections.
Long reams of tape, draped into letterforms. A punctuated photograph. Wiggly lines creeping over sheets of paper. An improvised screenprinting studio. Sound As A Muscle, book/typography, 2021. Computer Vision, Adjustable Eyes Pt. 2, drawings and digital etches, 2020. Share Screen, book/editorial, 2020. Soms ik voel mij zombie book/typography, 2021. Domesticated, sculptures, 2018. Hyperlinked, web-extension, 2018. Untitled I, system/typography, 2018. Skulking, typeface, 2019. The Book of Damocles, sculpture/book, 2019. Shorts, book/typography, 2018. Untitled II, posters/type-design, 2018.
In Parenthesis, poster, 2017. Oa iee, system, 2018. Tracing Nowhere, drawings, 2019.